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USD 1,800.00 (Title: Wild Flower )
USD 1,800.00 (Medium: Acrylic On Canvas )

I learned much about the world of art and met several very interesting and famous Malaysian artist, including: Khalil Ibrahim, Ismail Latif and Yusuf Ghani, who gave me a lot of very good advice. Another artist, Zaharuddin gave me a tip that I never forget, he said " If you want to produce a good painting, never use black paint. If you have black paint, just throw it away. If you want to make a dark colour, mix the red, the blue, the green and whatever colour that you think suitable for dark paint". He was right, after that my paintings looked very much better and I have never bought black paint to this day.

It was the adviced and encouragement from these artists that gave me confidence to become a full time artist myself. I participated in a number of group exhibitions which proved to be extremely successful, one of my masterpiece sold to Doctor Hussain Awang from Tawakal Hospital worth 12,000.00 rm. Sime Darby, Rennaisance Hotel, Bintulu Sarawak, Rennaisance Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, Toh Puan Mahani, Daim, Tengku Mizan and Dato' Abdullah also among of the collectors who bought my paintings.

In 2000, I was able to travel to the USA and spent about two weeks in New York. I visited many galleries, including The Museum of Modern Art, where I was able to appreciate for myself, the works of artists such as Van Gogh.
Whilst seeking for the themes, which would identify with my paintings, I found myself that now was the time for me undertake abstract and coinsider realism painting. My ambition is to produce 'Photorealism' paintings and I am reminded of advice that Picasso gave to his students: "Don't be anyone else, be yourself if you want to paint". During my time in New York, I was invited to exhibit in the 'Collector Party' at the Excel Gallery in Columbus Avenue, where two of my larger works were purchased.
The following year I was able to visit Australia, which enabled me to meet local artists, providing me with fresh ideas, new inspiration and the opportunity to again expose my own art in local galleries.

The year 2002 saw an offer of a 'working holiday' as a Graphic Designer with business in th UK, I did not want to lose this chance to widen my own experience and spent about a year there exploring the European art culture.

The size of the arts community in the UK is very large and there are thousands of art galleries throughout the country. Staying in the region of East Sussex, I was surprised to discover that, even in local villages, artists would hold exhibitions in their own house. Paintings would be hung for visitors to view in living rooms and even the kitchen. Most interesting, is the fact that such events would be included in tourist information brochures, thus maximising exposure to the public for many artists. I feel that this is an excellent initative for artists in Kuala Lumpur, as well as right across malaysia.

I was again able to to return to the UK early in 2003 for about six months. This time I was able to spend time in Plymouth, which is in the south west of the country. The south west has a particulary strong association with all the arts, but painting in particular, with many famous old established 'school of artists', such as the Newlyn School and the St Ives School.

I was fortunate to be introduced by a good friend of mine to the proprietors of the Barbican Gallery in Plymouth, who were delighted to take and display my paintings, many of which sold whilst I was in Plymouth.

Whilst I was in the UK I was able to visit France and Italy, again meeting many local artists. I think there is a need to demonstrate that different genres can exist together and in perferct equilibrium. It is true that artists will each have their own culture and religious background, each of which is unique. Art is drawn from these sources, but when expressed sincerely from the heart, mind and soul of the artist, it become universal.

The language of art is the universal language of mankind. A language expressed by the heart and soul of mankind. Being a tounge of truth and light, it is also mode of expression of a race, a culture, a nation. Thus, creating arts of many different forms and mediums, each is unique as according to its sensiblities. This brings about a range of expressions and styles. But this positive diversification is being eroded as each culture tends to see itself as superior to the other. What is important is not the execution of an art work but the idea behind it.

I returned to Malaysia in July of this year 2003, determined to continue painting in my uniqe style and looking forward to having my solo exhibition.

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